Vitality Yoga & Meditation

You’ll find my yoga, body awareness, meditation, and relaxation Classes highly enjoyable, high value, effective, approachable as well as challenging where they need to be.
This is about finding the right applicable life strategies that will help maintain and enhance the quality of your life from where you’re at now and within your present capabilities and lifestyle onwards.
As a qualified kundalini yoga & meditation instructor, I thoroughly enjoy offering what I’ve learned, what I’ve  experienced and found to be of immense help, of this wonderful yogic technology. Of course my Classes, may it be one2one, small or large groups/teams all have a particular flavor or style of delivery. This flavor comes no doubt through the practice but additionally from my experience as a sports therapist and well-being coach over the last two decades in a wide variety of settings.
Let’s also mention that I’m continuously updating and growing my skill set, knowledge base and experience whilst being observed by trusted mentors.
All this should contribute to ensuring that you’ll get a high value experience that’s relevant to You.



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