‘the most constructive evening of the year


I went to see Ash for a sports massage, hoping to relieve chronic lower back pain and loosen the tension of a stiff neck, but what I received was much greater than this; an evening of considerate and deep, holistic therapy. We began with a simple, how-are-you conversation. We talked about work, my relationship, my current routine and my body. This was an easy, comforting discussion, wherein Ash shared intelligent observations and insights that I had not considered, deepening the awareness of my present state, leading me to recognise concerns and offering ideas for solution. Afterwards we moved to the massage room, an ambient space for physical healing. I am a demanding recipient of massages. I often find that during a massage my mind will be begging for the right areas to be worked on, for more pressure to be applied, for the masseur/masseuse to understand my body better, for more time! But this was not the case with Ash. Trusting in his knowledge and skill, enabled me to quieten the mind and enjoy the incredible work of his gifted hands. It was the most physical relief I have felt since I began struggling with back pain over a year ago.  I cannot thank you enough for giving me so much time, attention, kindness and support – for me, it was the most constructive evening of the year to date.

‘I floated home after the appointment and slept so much better than I usually do’

newwebsite9Dr Suzanne Harrington MBBS

I have never had a Sports Massage before and my appointment turned out to be perfect timing as I had injured my back the previous day. Ash was very welcoming and put me at ease straight away. He was thorough and attentive and took a careful history of my injuries before we began. The environment was really comfortable and relaxing and I soon felt the stress and tension of my day  dissolve. He seemed to know exactly what my body needed and was able to use more firm pressure in the areas of tension and a more gentle approach in other places. The lavender and coconut oil was heavenly and really helped  to relax my body and mind. I floated home after the appointment and slept so much better than I usually do. My back also feels a lot better today so I think he hit the spot exactly. I would definitely recommend Ash as a massage therapist.


Dance psychotherapist and practitioner Mira Schauble, shares her experience of a Sports Therapy session with Ash Yogi. She describes the importance of having felt the professional knowledge base and experience, as well as intuitive flow and understanding of dance and its effects on the body, in the treatment she received.

Krists had a long standing injury in the form of a trapped nerve. Otherwise a highly active individual and yoga practitioner and staff at a busy central london yoga studio. He shares here, how he gained not only physical but also psychological relief during his treatment. He was able to use the insights gained and change the way he looked at the injury, becoming more whole and accepting a part of himself that he had previously been rejecting. He felt more empowered and able to get in touch with himself and transfer the benefits into his continued yoga practice.

Yoga teacher & therapist Kirsten Hubmann shares what her Sports Therapy massage session with Ash Yogi was like. She particularly mentions, that she felt ‘listened to’ and her needs honed in on. The warm oil, the feeling of safety, the thoroughness & depth, the level of experience and delivery, all added to her experiencing one of her best treatment ever.

Vasken Knouni entrepreneur, recounts his experience of an all night group yoga ceremony held by Ash Yogi. He describes experiencing what he calls, ‘pure joy & happiness’ . Passing through difficult moments to arrive into the ‘bliss’, feeling transformed into a new person, the magic of the music played at specifically the right time. Could this be awakening of spirit ?



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