Book a Sports Therapy treatment & massage

Are you in need of a great massage ?
Recovering from injury or aching from your favourite sport, gym training or casual activity ?
Stressed from work ?
Need help relaxing and in need of some therapeutic rejuvenation.
Want to make maximum gains from your training and improve performance?
Need to work on your flexibility beyond standard stretching?
Would like a massage as part of a program of keeping yourself in the best mental and physical condition ?
Want a skilled practitioner, highly qualified, with 20 years experience ?

Yes, to any of the above , means you’re ready to book a consultation with me to give yourself one of the best massages you’ve ever had. Yes, that’s a big claim, but great training , plus natural skill & talent, plus experience has lead to the inevitable delivery of highly effective tailor made massage to your specific needs.
The consultation will reveal what type of massage combination will be the most effective for you.

I’m a Bsc(Hons) degree qualified Sports Therapist, trained in a multitude of advanced massage techniques, and able to help in injury management, recovery, and remedial instruction of rehabilitative exercise. I also deliver various coaching tools to assist with optimising physical, mental and emotional well-being & performance as well as cover best suited nutritional strategies for health.

Contact me using the form below:

North London based and visiting central and greater London, UK


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