Impulse Control

Why do we get so distracted these days and have little patience or attention span ? Well one of the reasons could well be our lack of Impulse Control. Our ability to stay focused on the task at hand and follow through with our priorities during the day and not get side tracked is perhaps more a question of habit and loss of will power to resist the multitude of temptations or impusles that pull us in the opposite direction.

The onslaught of email and social media notifications bombarding us , has led to our progressive inability to resist putting off our main task for the day and hand over our power to others. We might think we’re keeping in the loop, staying aware of current events and being effective at answering emails back quickly. However, these habits are leading to the reverse of discipline and focus on one task, poorer concentration and a viscious cycle of frustration that we havent got anything done.

The solution, is to retrain ourselves, perhaps by limiting our social media and email access to later in the day, limited to important emails and conversations only . We may find going cold turkey a bit harsh, but reclaiming our power as far as our focus, is reclaiming our will power to get stuff done on an everyday level, which in the long run can only be beneficial.

How is a lack of impulse control affecting your life ?