experience mantra therapy

The artist BenJahmin Ji leads the group into a beautiful rendition of this universal song during early morning group yoga practice. This is an example of ancient yogic technology using the sound and repetition to cleanse negativity and uplift the spirit.
Allow the mantra to flow through your being and have the experience for yourself. Enjoy and share how you got on.

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Chakras, raising vibration, being a yogi and all that good stuff !…

A video excerpt from discussion with Darryl Okeefe, lead teacher trainer, on Chakras at i-SKY UK .
The viewpoint of seeing the chakras as one, the journey through the chakras, raising of vibration, being a yogi , all touched upon briefly whilst offering a soothing clarity to the subject.
How did you find this video useful? Lets us know your experience.
chakras : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakra